Quality control

aluminium foil quality control is a holistic process. From raw material purchase, production and processing, product manufacturing, finished product inspection to finished product storage, and after-sales quality tracking, including complete quality control and management chain. Good quality control management makes it possible to create high quality aluminium foil products. We have a professional quality control team. From the selection of raw materials, production and processing, to the packaging and transportation of aluminium foil products, we have established strict quality control standards. The quality control team must strictly control the production and transportation according to this set of quality standards. Link. We have a wide range of quality control equipment, closely monitor the production process, and test the performance and reliabi...... +Content Details

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aluminium foil Production process

aluminium foil Production process The production method and Production technology of aluminium foil : 1): Types of aluminium foil billets, hot rolled billets (DC) and cast rolled billets (CC). A, Hot rolled billet: Smelting - Ingots - Milling - homogenization - hot rolling - Intermediate Annealing - cold rolling - aluminium foil billet B, Casting billet Melting -casting rolling- cold rolling- intermediate annealing- cold rolling -aluminium foil billet. ...... +Content Details

aluminium foil packing process

aluminium foil packing process The packaging methods of aluminium foil can be divided into wooden box packing and wooden pallet packing/ well frame packaging according to their thickness and temper. The wooden box packing is divided into stacking type, hanger bracket type and bottom bracket type . Stacking type is mainly used for small size and light weight products. The bottom bracket type is mainly used for products with large specifications and large weight. hanger bracket type is mainly used for products of general specification and weight. The packing of wooden pallet / well frame packagingis divided into eye to sky wooden pallet packing and eye to wall wooden pallet packing. ...... +Content Details